Project CiTA

Design work is by its very nature highly visual; It is also becoming an increasingly complex process, one that involves a growing number of stakeholders as well as performance and compliance parameters, demanding higher levels of collaboration and data integration. CiTA addresses the integration and collaboration issues and is a platform and toolset that combines a reactive multi-touch surface with visual display system designed specifically for the architectural and design industries.

The architecture, engineering and construction industries (AEC) have a significant need for collaboration, cross-platform communication, and improved information management capabilities for data-intensive design software such as Building Information Models (BIM). The current value chain is disorganized, with individual and competing vendors providing proprietary software packages that have different file standards, are difficult to coordinate between consultants, and are not easily presented to clients and decision-makers. CiTA is an integrated toolset designed to de-fragment this value chain and enable responsive exchanges of project information, including interactive design and planning all within a fully collaborative environment.