Our Partners

Tactable is a pioneer in the field of multi-touch technology – both hardware (tables and walls) and software (touch-sensing systems). Tactable has created state-of-the-art customized applications and experiences using its proprietary multi-touch technologies, enabling people to engage immediately, naturally and collaboratively with digital content — from art or media to ancient antiquities to retail and advertising content to complex information databases and simulation systems.  The focus has always been on the experience not the underlying technology, ceating compelling and intuitive systems acoss all demographics. Tactable grew out of Nearlife, an MIT Media Lab spin-off Company, and retains very strong links to the University today.



MSB produces international projects and studies in architecture, urbanism and interior design, focusing in particular geographical areas of Madeira, the Azores, Lisbon, and with experience in Africa & South America.

Over the years MSB developed several projects in the area of ​​Housing, Hospitality Industry, Equipment and Urbanism.



APD is a collaborative design practice with extensive experience realizing distinctive projects. Formed in 1994 as Four Architecture, it renamed Anderson Porter Design in 2008 to reflect the high level of principal involvement and to emphasize the strategic value of design thinking across disciplines. APD focus on the design of high performance buildings and spaces, which require significant coordination and communication between multiple stakeholders. APD’s project based design services as well as strategic design consulting leverage innovative design processes in the Supply Chain. These include sustainability and energy efficiency objectives along with productivity and organizational goals. and shapes design around the skills and capabilities of trade partners to maximize constructability and cost efficiency.